Asbestos Removal

All removal works are undertaken in full compliance with legislation, HSE Approved Codes of Practice and industry best practice. Given the potential harm caused by asbestos fibres, all removal works will be planned and managed thoroughly, so as to ensure that no-one is exposed to asbestos fibres. Apposite control measures will include a fully sealed enclosure, negative pressure units, dust suppression techniques, safe methodology of removal and use of decontamination units.

Any legislative changes that affect our working practices will be communicated by our Health, Safety and Compliance Manager to all employees. We will ensure that all employees receive the necessary training to ensure legislative compliance.

Because of the environmental compliance expected of us, and our own duty of care in assessing how waste produced as a result of our operations is consigned and disposed of, we operate our own Waste Transfer Station where we can accept both fibrous and bonded waste produced as a result of our operations. Because of this and from the standpoint of an environmentally conscious producer of hazardous waste, we can apply the high standards of Health and Safety intrinsic with all of our operations, ensuring that all hazardous waste is consigned, controlled and disposed of in a safe and compliant manner.

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