Community Engagement

Our Mission is to ensure that every penny spent delivers the most benefit for people, their communities and society as a whole. It is our aim to help create jobs, strengthen local economies and provide sustainable solutions at every level.

Social Responsibility is about understanding the impact of our business activities in the areas in which we work and the wider world and considering how we can transform these impacts into something positive; we are, therefore, committed to reducing both long-term and youth unemployment.

We recognise that the community in which we work can play an important part in ensuring the successful delivery of our works, and because of that, we will always try to involve the local community in as many ways as we can. We are committed to:

  • Employing local people to administer the works and recruiting and training a workforce made up of those living in the area where the works will be carried out.
  • Offering apprenticeship placements to support the successful delivery of our works.
  • Working with ‘ex’ and young offenders to tackle social exclusion through a range of initiatives and training programmes aimed at reducing re-offending.
  • Donating directly to local causes, using 2% of the yearly profit from our contracts to support local good causes.
  • Implementing local supply chain initiatives and using local suppliers.
  • Providing career advice and information for young people on specific careers within the asbestos industry.

We will continue to invest in our Community Regeneration Programme.

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