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Our Mission is to ensure that every penny spent delivers the most benefit for people, their communities and society as a whole. It is our aim to help create jobs, strengthen local economies and provide sustainable solutions at every level.

The community in which we work plays an important part in ensuring the successful delivery of our works, and when bidding for works that are community-based, our foremost concern is how we can fully implement our Social Benefits Charter and feed back into the local community, creating training and employment opportunities and engaging with the community itself.

We are committed to reducing inequalities, increasing economic prosperity through increased growth and maximising people’s Health, Wellbeing and Safety. We have partnered with Catalyst, a non-profit organisation which works with people who are struggling with issues arising from drugs, alcohol and mental health to reduce harm to themselves, their families and communities. It is our aim to provide a confidential route to support that our employees can truly benefit from.

We regularly assist local associations, sports teams and charities with financial support, such as Just Giving Cancer Research, Tin Soldiers, Headway and Help for Heroes. As an organisation, we also regularly donate 2% of our yearly profit to local good causes. We look to our clients to ascertain if there are local projects, organisations, associations or events that we can support financially or by making other resources available, thereby demonstrating our commitment to enrich the community in which we work.

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