Form of Contract

JCT Standard Form of Measured Term

Scope of Contract

Asbestos Services

Annual Value

£450,000.00 per year

EAS was appointed as the sole provider of asbestos abatement services for 5 years in 2021

The contract has seen verifying types of works from the wholesale removal of asbestos-containing materials as part of the university regeneration scheme within both the Florence Boot Hall and The Tower Building, assisting the Asbestos Manager with achieving compliance with the university asbestos management policy to undertaking reinstatement works following removal works and assisting with investigations to allow works progress by others.

Typical Projects are:

Florence Boot Hall: Asbestos insulation debris including sectional asbestos was found within the roof void and below the floor on the ground floor with each location being over 1500m, In addition, the asbestos debris and residues were found within risers and floor trenches.

The Tower Building: Was completed in 1966 and was the original home of Electrical Engineering and later the PEMC Group in its infancy. It consists of 17 stories and a two-story engineering building at the base of the tower. Each of the 17 floors required the removal of asbestos insulation board ceilings and panels, within the engineering building over 2000m2 of the ceiling and walls have asbestos insulation residues removed from their surfaces.

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